Java programming Language

Java is a programming language which is supported multiple platforms. The most of the platforms are using java programming language. Java is class-based, object-oriented and similar to C++ but more simplified. When you are written java code java application compiled a type of code known as byte code. Java code or bytecode runs most of the operating system including Linux, windows and which is support java without the need for recompilation. So that many of the java programmer called Java language as (WORA) “write once, run anywhere”. Java is a platform independent language because the format of its bytecode. Without JVM (Java Virtual Machine) java can’t run because of bytecode translate into native processor and allows to execution via JVM. JVM is a virtual machine.

Java programming was developed by James Gosling. It was developed by a team name Green team. It was origin by Sun Microsystems which is acquired by Oracle Corporation. Java released in 1995.

Java Environment

JDK, JRE, JVM components are the main java programming environment.

Java syntax

When we think about a java program, it mainly works with object and method. Object communicate with the method and called method to the main method. The main method is essential in every java program. So that java language has its own set of rules to declare and define object, method and Class.

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