How to turn off your Windows 10 Anti-Virus Defender forever

Assalamualaykum. Welcome to I hope everyone is good. Today again I have appeared with an important post. Today, we will see you how to turn off your Windows 10 Anti-Virus Defender forever. So let’s get started.

What is Windows Defender?

Windows Defender is a free protection program provided by Microsoft to help protect computers running Windows from spyware and malware. With the introduction of Windows 8, Microsoft added improved functionality to Windows Defender by adding antivirus protection, as well as spyware and other malware protection. But with that we have nothing special. And those who have less RAM will cause more trouble. Because the software uses too much RAM and hangs the computer. Therefore, it is better to keep the software disable. But this software could not easily be turned off. You will need to follow some special procedures for that.


First go to your Start menu. Then follow the steps:-

After all this proccess you have to restart your computer.
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